Identity is the gateway to a digital experience. Yet compromised identity is one of the top security issues in 2021. Once the identity has been compromised, fake credentials or assets can be issued which leads to further cyber security challenges and costs. This is a very serious cyber and data challenge in the commercial sector impacting almost 300M people and costing over $50B in damages. Web3Fied addresses the root cause of this by providing a platform for verified digital identity and associated credentials.

Some of the key features of our product

  • API/SDK based solution (think Stripe for Web3 based digital identity) on the server side
  • Mobile first on the consumer side
  • Validated Identity (KYC/BYOW) + Verifiable digital credentials on top of Blockchain 
  • Digital Wallet and PKI on Blockchain (use one wallet to login)
  • Immutable, Secure and Flexible Distributed ledger and smart contract system 
  • Mobile and web-based tool allows instant verification of identity and authenticity

Let’s build your identity together.