The world of digital identity

You are unique and so should your digital identity and assets.

We are Web3Fied, a stealth mode, pre-seed SaaS company providing digital identity and digital asset certification, verification and validation using distributed ledgers and smart contracts aka Web3 or Blockchain

Our Solution

Behind every app, every device, and every single connection… is identity. It’s your gateway to the digital world. Last year alone 297M people got breached and the total cost of security breaches was a staggering $50B. In addition, to these breaches and loss of identity, people creating fake credentials or assets (think driver’s license, degree certificates, SSN, passport etc.) has become a huge problem. There has been a 47% rise in fake credentials, and these are used for everything from hacking (Uber attack), ransomware attacks to nefarious activities like terrorism and fraud.

What we offer:

Verified Identity

You are unique and so should your identity. Web3Fied verifies your identity (also known as KYC or Know Your Customer) using advanced AI/ML techniques. Once verified we link to a crypto wallet and mint your identity as an NFT (Non Fungible Token)

Verified Digital Assets

Your digital assets are yours and they are unique. We are talking Driver’s license, test results, vaccine certificates, medical records, your W-2, taxes, diplomas, certificates and anything else digitized. Our unique process signs and certifies during issuance and ensures the integrity and validity of this digital asset

Web3 or Blockchain

Web3 is the latest and third generation of the internet built on blockchain technology. Our solution is powered on the same technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency except we are not minting coins ! We think the technology is cool and cannot be easily hacked plus it’s decentralized.

What our early customers say

“We do “KYC” all the time for banking transactions. I love the fact that you are using this on blockchain for identity”

NY based FinTech CTO

“As a healthcare we are very worried about privacy and security of our patients, doctors and other medical staff. This will help solve our issue of getting the right medical report to the right individual”

CA based Healthcare CIO

About Us

We are Web3Fied Inc, a stealth mode pre-seed startup based in New Jersey looking to disrupt centralized identity management and asset verification using the distributed ledger and smart contracts world of Blockchain and Web3


Chester, NJ